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The heritage of the United States is as diverse as it’s landscape.  This vast land has been home to many people, from the earliest Native Americans to the rich and diverse population of today.

In every small town and big city in our country, there are places where our loved ones are resting and memorialized.  Cemeteries hold the records of our ancestry carved in stone.  Names of our ancestors are commemorated on monuments and gravestones for all to see and celebrate.

Whether through an act of mother nature or human destruction, monuments and their inscriptions and artistry are disappearing from our cemeteries.

Now more than ever before concerned individuals and cemetery associations are responding to the need to conserve and preserve our culture and heritage.  Historic Cemetery Preservation is working with these concerned individuals and cemetery associations to protect our families’ monuments in our nation’s cemeteries.

Since 1997, Historic Cemetery Restoration has provided excellence in cemetery preservation, restoration, and conservation by offering a broad array of service such as cemetery master planning, historic gravestone restoration, including cleaning, leveling, and repair of monuments, GPS mapping of burials and cemeteries, GPR services to locate lost burials, architectural and landscape planning services, and project consulting.

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